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Hall of Fame / WM

All winners from: / World Cup:

cygloopDate: 07.05.2008Location: Zurich
KickerDate: 26.12.2007Location: Zürich
IchDate: 29.07.2007Location: Rheineck
ErpireDate: 10.06.2007Location: Russikon
swiDate: 20.05.2007Location: kanton solothurn
swissskaterDate: 06.04.2007Location: murten
romanelloDate: 05.03.2007Location: ZH
silviogDate: 24.02.2007Location: boll
EbiDate: 21.02.2007Location: ZH
palmstroemDate: 05.02.2007Location: Schaffhausen
froginspaceDate: 09.09.2006Location: Madiswil
PhilippDate: 25.08.2006Location: Olten
ZaninhoDate: 04.08.2006Location: Chur
thömDate: 19.07.2006Location: göschenen
TestuzDate: 16.07.2006Location: -
SpeedyDate: 12.06.2006Location: Frenkendorf
trapperDate: 05.06.2006Location: Schaffhausen

All winners from: / Allstars League:

cygloopDate: 07.05.2008Location: Zurich
xxBLIZZARDxxDate: 27.04.2008Location: Arbon
KickerDate: 29.01.2008Location: Küsnacht
swiDate: 03.06.2007Location: kant. SO
EbiDate: 05.03.2007Location: ZH
palmstroemDate: 03.03.2007Location: Schaffhausen
Gil88Date: 31.01.2007Location: Biel/Bienne
ScReAmDrEaMDate: 21.01.2007Location: Basel
TöniDate: 03.01.2007Location: Schwyz/MuotathalCH
romanelloDate: 17.11.2006Location: Zürich
froginspaceDate: 24.10.2006Location: Madiswil
cedricsuetterlinDate: 08.09.2006Location: Allschwil
ZaninhoDate: 04.08.2006Location: Chur
thömDate: 28.07.2006Location: göschenen
TestuzDate: 16.07.2006Location: Lavaux
s4mDate: 12.07.2006Location: Môtiers
MonsieurBonDate: 01.07.2006Location: Solothurn

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