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Hall of Fame / WM

All winners from: / World Cup:

Del PieroDate: 12.10.2008Location: Raková
misofDate: 03.12.2007Location: Bratislava
AdamsDate: 06.10.2006Location: B.Bystrica
TomTTDate: 26.08.2006Location: Trnava

All winners from: / Allstars League:

pidbul5Date: 27.10.2008Location: Bratislava
misofDate: 05.11.2007Location: Bratislava
pal0Date: 28.10.2006Location: Sala
AdamsDate: 07.10.2006Location: B.Bystrica
DevilDate: 05.10.2006Location: Hlohovec
TomTTDate: 28.08.2006Location: Trnava
esmikDate: 07.07.2006Location: Nitra

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