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Information / Team (2006)

Name: Andi , Andreas Wenger

Function: Project management, programming, handyman

Age: 21
Location: Schrobenhausen (D)
Homepage: www.andreaswenger.de

Favorite team: TSV 1860 München
Favorite beer: Any bavarian beer!


Name: Sneer , Markus Cords

Function: 3D design and animation

Age: 29
Location: Brighton (GB)
Homepage: www.pixel-dj.com

Favorite team: Die toten Hosen
Favorite beer: Malt beer


Name: Flowmatix , Florian Forster

Function: 2D/3D design, teamdesign

Age: 18
Location: Schrobenhausen (D)
Homepage: n/a

Favorite team: FC Bayern
Favorite beer: Klosterbier Scheyern


Name: Milian , Marc Rüther

Function: Music and sound design

Age: n/a
Location: Berlin (D)
Homepage: www.milianmusik.de

Favorite team: Doomsters Elite
Favorite beer: Alles was flenst


Name: MatzeOne , Matthias Sieber

Function: Linux support, commentator

Age: 24
Location: Hamburg (D)
Homepage: caveirinha.fightblog.de

Favorite team: Xenoage Betatesters
Favorite beer: Vitamalz


Name: Phil , Phillip Jordan

Function: Audio programming

Age: n/a
Location: York (GB) & Berndorf (A)

Favorite team: n/a
Favorite beer: n/a


Name: Kauto , Markus Madeja

Function: Additional programming

Age: 23
Location: Münster (D)
Homepage: www.intergenies.com

Favorite team: n/a
Favorite beer: Becks


Name: maoz , Marius Schmitz

Function: Homepage / webdesign, 2D graphics

Age: 37
Location: Petershagen/Weser (D)
Homepage: www.maussites.de

Favorite team: Turn- und Sportverein Petershagen: 1.,2.,3. und 4. Frauen
Favorite beer: FAXE!


Slam Soccer 2006 was much work - we'd never have managed it alone! Thanks to the many freelancers who supported us!


Programming, project management
Andreas Wenger
Audio programming
Phillip M. Jordan
Markus Cords, Martin Meyer, Florian Forster, Marius Schmitz
Music & sound
Marc Rüther
Florian Forster, Marc Rüther, Martin Meyer, Andreas Wenger
Adam Lucas, Jens Breuer, Johannes Loepelmann, Markus Madeja, Mateusz Gorecki, Matthias Sieber, Olivier Froment, Richard Frick, Uli Teschemacher, Veronika Pabst
Commentators (German)
Marc Rüther, Matthias Sieber, Martin Meyer, Paraskevi Makri
Commentators (English)
Paul Valenti, James Hamer-Morton
Commentators (French)
Colin Malval, Olivier Froment
Marius Schmitz
Benjamin Wolf, Christopher Wolf, Hannes Laubinger, Marc Janz, Marius Schmitz, Matthias Frey, Matthias Sieber, Patrick van Dijk, Uli Teschemacher


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